November 26, 2009

Voor de Twilight fans...

Twilight drives me crazy! All I hear is "Robert Pattinson omg!" "ooooh Jacob is hella fine!!" or.. I dunno, I just don't like al those freaky vampire magic movies like Harry and this saga. You might think I'm crazy but I think you guys are.. There are even Twilight parties in theaters.. I heard from my friend Gyor they did games and you can win Twilight shit.. Am I the only human on this earth who doesn't like Twilight.....???!!! Oh and yes, my Photoshop skills are very bad.. Just wanted to make Robert look more... like he was in a bad mood. And sorry for the ones who are madly in love with Robert. Isn't he hot in this picture?

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  1. Sjoooow
    hoe kan je dit nou doen bij my future husband?!!!


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