November 18, 2009

Heidi... you're so DUMB!

Today I've watched the new episode of the Hills. I'm watching the show on internet because I can't wait till it's on TV in my own country. Holland is so late with everything, music, movies, tvshows.. So that's the reason why I watch it on Today's show was pretty nice to watch. Again girldramas between Kristin and Jayde.. Lo is sucha two-faced-girl. She plays the bf of Lauren in the old Hills but now she's licking Krisins butt. Anyway, back to the Heidi part. In the new show she has a cute little house with Spencer. She really wants to start her own family with kiddies and stuff but Spencer doesn't want to. For once I agree with him.. They just got married for like three months or something. In this episode Heidi made a dinner for Spencer and her. They are catholic so Heidi always says something before dinner. This is what she says: "Havenly Father, thank you for my amazing husband who I love so much, thank you for this meal, thank you for MY OUTFIT, thank you for everything you've done in Jesus name, Amen." She's soooooo stupid haha.


  1. Haha, ik vind Enzo schattig:
    "Spencer you are mean!"
    "Heidi, Spencer went to the doctor!"
    Hahaha echt een geweldig kind

  2. Haha ja, het schattigst vind ik nog als hij hem spender noemt

  3. Aghhh spender die heb ik niet gehoord
    Heb je die after show gezien,

  4. Nee, ik kijk nooit de after show haha,
    wat was er dan gebeurd?


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