December 03, 2009

I love Chanel commercials (full versions)

Chanel commercials are just classy. The first one is Audrey Tautou, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. What a lovely French names hihi. The guy in the video is Travis Davenport. I also just love the story. I think you know the second commercial. Another beautiful video from Chanel no. 5. This time is Nicole Kidman the star in the video. Don't know the guy, but he's so hot. And... I just love Chanel! I don't have no. 5 because I think I'm a bit too young for that fragrance. I have Chanel Chance, also a nice fragrance.

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  1. Echt een mooie reclame! Waarom zijn niet alle reclame's zo dan zou ik veel minder zappen...
    Chanel no.5 vind ik te sterk ruiken ik vind Chanel Chance beter!


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