December 05, 2009

Kid of the future: Diggy

I have a weird feeling that Diggy's gonna make it in future. Remember him? He's the second oldest son of Rev Run (RUN DMC). I think you might know him from the series Run's House. His daddy is Joseph (Joey) Simmons, one of the creators of Run DMC. Diggy has two half sisters and one half brother. Vanessa & Angela (Daddy's Girls and Pastry) and Joseph (aka Jojo, never actually had success in for example his "rapping carreer"). Then Diggy has also a little brother called Russy. His parents decided to adopt a little girl named Miley Justine. So this was the family of Diggy. Back to him. His real name is Daniel Simmons III. He's on earth since March 21, 1995 so that makes him 14 years old. He started his own clothing line called "Space age". He also made a mixtape. This is just sample of The first flight. He also got his own blogspot. Go to:

Diggy.. I think he's gonna make it in future. Now he's only 14 years old, but when he's 18... he will be like Bow wow, Chris Brown I don't know. I'm just saying. Anyways, we will see. Maybe you don't know Diggy? Then you're so living under a stone..

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