December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hello dear Blog-reader. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas eve and a nice Christmas. I just had Christmas breakfast with present of my dad, mom and brother. I'm so happy with my presents. I've got such a beautiful Guess necklace. And I've got clothes, things for in bath, a tourbook for in Madrid (In summer I want to go to Madrid with my friend Amber) and let me think.. what have I got more (okay, this phrace has so much gramma faults haha). I actually can't remember... My grandmom and grandfather are coming in a couple of minutes for some coffee. Afterwards I'll go to my friend Amber for watching This Christmas and then I'll give my Christmas present to her. This afternoon we'll go to my fam in Fascinatio for a Christmas dinner and present (ofcourse, I'm such a little kid). What did you do with Christmas?

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