January 12, 2010

My future plan

I cleary have an idea how my future will look like. (I said in my previous blog that I'm a dreamer... haha) Anyway, in 1.5 years I'll graduate from highschool. After that I wanna go to university. I wanna study something like Dutch languages cause I wanna work with a magazine. That looks so cool to me. Traveling and then writing an article about it... or interviewing some famous celebrities. But first... four years of education at the university. You can study Dutch languages in every university so I can live at my mommy & daddy so I won't have to live in a dirty studentappartment with 1 room and shared showers. When I'm done with studying I gotta look for a magazine where I want to work and if they want me to write for them. Maybe I'm gonna be a famous editor or writer (HAHA). I just want to be rich and succesful haha cause when I'm an adult I really want a second house. I'm so spoiled, I know. Anyway, when I have my job I want to settle down... OR traveling. I really want to do some world traveling. I want to see African countries and back to my roots in Indonesia. Australia and Iceland are also on my wishlist. And ofcourse AMERICA, like I said in my previous blog. I wanna visit New York, LA: my family lives in Cali so I can visit them. Latin Amerika is also one of the places I want to go.. Anyway, I can also traveling with the love of my life (which I don't have now, but maybe tomorrow I'll see my dreamman). And when I'm middle 20th I want to settle down with a hubby and cute kids. (I want first two boys and then 1 girl). I say "I want" all the time, I've noticed it too. But this is just my future plan. How you gonna live when you have no plans and structure in your life.. Sometimes I really feel like Monica from "Friends". But she is too wack for me. So I guess this will be my future. My house is in Rotterdam where I live with my hubby and kids (no animals cause I have an allergy) and a second house in the USA. And I hope my fam is still healty and I still have a normal social life with my friends. Plus, CHRIS BROWN or TREY SONGZ, if you're reading this... you would fit perfectly in my future plan! Hahaha

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  1. Veel succes met je mooie toekomst met hopelijk Chris of Trey ;]!


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