January 06, 2010


It's the beginning of 2010 and the sales are starting right now!! All the old stuff from 2009, the shops just don't want it anymore. That's a good thing for me, cause I'm very good at shopping in sales. When you look very good, you can find the most beautiful things. I've got a couple of sites where you should look at!

There are many more webshops, but I just like these one the most. There are discounts till 80 percent! Don't we just love sales... The first two sites are English webshops. Asos has a delivery cost of 6 euros and you will get your stuff in 6-9 days. At Topshop the delivery cost are 5 pounds so that's 5,55 euro. You will get your stuff in 5-7 days. So I think you can better order something at Topshop. They have sucha cute things! Normally at H&M there are some discount codes, but I cannot find one. Last month I ordered something and I found a discount code, 10 euros discount ánd 15 percent discount on every item. River Island has free delivery I guess (there is nothing on their website). So now I'm finished with talking and I wish you good luck with saleshopping!


  1. weetje ook tot wanneer de sale in de stad is ?


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