January 09, 2010

Where are those "America's Next Topmodels"?

Cycle 1: Adrianne Curry

Cycle 2: Yoanna House

Cycle 3: Naima Mora

Cycle 4: Eva Pigford

Cycle 5: Nicole Linkletter

Cycle 6: Danielle Evans

Cycle 7: CarriDee English

Cycle 8: Jaslene Gonzalez

Cycle 9: Saleisha Stowers

Cycle 10: Whitney Thompson
I really wanna know when cycle 11 starts in The Netherlands. In America they are in cycle 13! I don't wanna watch it on the internet, cause ANTM is better on TV cause otherwise I don't understand the bitchfights and I can't understand miss Jay. Cycle 11's international destination will be Amsterdam, the Netherlands so that's really cool to see Tyra Banks in my capital city. So.. does anyone know when cycle 11 starts in The Netherlands? Let me know!


  1. I think they`re all amazing!

  2. Het begint volgende week maandag om 20.30!!


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