January 12, 2010

Why wasn't I born in the USA...

Sometimes I'm wondering why I wasn't born in the USA, seriously.. They always have nice weather there. Later when I'm a "grown up woman" I wanna live in the USA.. or a summerhouse in LA. Series like The Hills really make me jealouse. Their life looks perfect. Always nice parties, great weather, shop till they drop. In some things I think America is better.. because in the Netherlands they are sooooo slow with fashion and trends. But there are also a lot of bad things. There is terrorism, they only have XL things.. actually I can't recall more bad things. Only more good things: highschool looks so cool to me. Maybe when I did live there, I'm talking in an other way about America. But I really want to live in LA or something haha. Yes, I'm a dreamer.. but nothing's wrong with that right :D

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  1. Hahah Amerika is inderdaad geweldig, misschien ga ik dit jaar weer maar dan meer naar Maimi!
    Forgotten things in your list:
    -lage dollar waarde..


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