February 01, 2010


It's already the second month of 2010... January went so fast. A new month just started so I decided to make a planning with events etc.
05.01 Hairdresser Moenroes Lounge, finally! Last time I went to the hairdresser was in like August? I don't know which haircut I want, but I'll show you the result.
12.01 ABN Amro Tennis Tournament at Ahoy Rotterdam.
14.01 Carnaval, maybe I'll go to Brabant to celebrate it with my bf.
18.01 Schoolprom. It's very like the Americans with promking and promqueen etc. And it's on a boat! Isn't that cool!
21.01 Handball game, we're so gonna win!
22.01 - 28.01 Springholiday. (Haven't made a planning yet)
So this is it so far... I'm not that early with plannings and I decide things last minute, so later I'll add some more things to my agenda. :)

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