February 27, 2010

Happy 101 Award

How nice, ik heb een nieuwe award gekregen, maar dit is dus nu écht de laatste keer dat ik erover ga bloggen haha. Toch wil ik ook nog eventjes Manon bedanken voor deze award. To accept this award I have to write down 10 things that make me happy. Here we go;

1. Sunny days.
2. When I get something new, it can be something real stupid like a pen or something.
3. When I see my family together.
4. When I lay on the beach and hearing the sea make peaceful sounds and I'm reading a new glossy magazine with a fresh juice next to me.
5. When I'm watching a movie and in the end the 2 people come together and have a happily ever after.
6. When I get a suprisingly great mark for a schooltest and all the nerds are jealous.
7. When I see my friends.
8. When I see my biggest idol. You really don't wanna know how I acted when I saw Chris Brown..
9. Old people who are still in love.
10. Saved people and animals from disasters like hurricanes.

And now I have to pass this award to seven other people:
1. Gyor
2. Leticia
3. Tess
4. Roos
5. Youri
6. Glossy murda
7. Cheyenne

Have a happy weekend! What are you guys going to do? Today I'll go to some friends in Gouda (next to Rotterdam). Tomorrow I'll go to family and watch Feyenoord (yes, I'm a real soccer-fan). Love xoxo

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