February 08, 2010

I really, really want a...

good Starbucks chocolate frappuccino!! Last time I drank one, was in like May last year?? That probably was when I went to Antwerp (Belgium) with school. I don't get it.. Why does Holland still ain't got Starbucks' in every big city. Hello... I live in Rotterdam and even Leiden and Utrecht has one.. It says that Rotterdam Centraal (train station) will get one in the spring of 2010... So that will be about one or two months... BUT; on 02.03.2010 I'll go to Barcelona with school and at Plaça de Catalunya they have at least four Starbucks! So than I'll go crazy and buy one effurriedeej.


  1. Starbucks is geweldig..
    Toen ik nog in Utrecht studeerde kocht ik vrijwel elke dag een Caramel Latte Machiatto. Pff.. Ik ben echt in staat om nou de trein te pakken om er een te gaan halen, haha!

  2. Ziet er heerlijk uit!



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