February 18, 2010


Hi guys, tonight it's the prom. My school likes to be American or something... Anyway, this prom is in this pretty new club, DADO in Rotterdam city. I'm pretty excited to go there cause I've never been in Café Beurs or DADO. Also my pfzh buddy is nominated to become Prom King! I made a whole campaign to let him win... haha I hope it worked out. So it is a prom.. That means that I have to wear a dress and heels and stuff. I've bought a supercute dress, but now I don't know which heels I'm going to wear cause I ain't got killerheels or something. I only have the heels from two years ago.. Those are high like 5 cm haha. Anyway, I will go there with my best friend Amber, her boyfriend Warner and Amber's sis Kirsten and her bf Lotte, but we'll meet some peers (isn't that a lovely english word haha) at the underground (also a nice english/american word haha). Anyway (a word I use a lot) I hope tonight will be a good night. I have to look around with my schoolpaper colleague if we see sum folks with fancy outfits for the schoolpaper. I'll later post some pictures of my outfit and pictures of my friends and me.


  1. and who do you mean with peers(6)?

  2. woow een prom!
    ik wil dat ook hahahaha
    ik hoop dat je een leuke avond hebt!


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