March 18, 2010

It's almost Easter!

It's almost Easter and my mom knows it. Today she worked for three hours in the garden and now she's buying flowers. She also bought this cute bunny 'eierkoek'. I really don't know how to say that in English, maybe it's a Dutch thing. It's kinda a soft cookie, made of eggs.. Anyway, this weekend it's Spring! Finally, I waited for it for so long! And I just had to make a picture of the cute bunny cookie. I have totally no makeup on so I really look like a 12-year old who's happy with her bunny cookie. And my head looks so big in this picture XD


  1. je vergeet de belangrijkste donderdag VOOR pasen

  2. Your birthdayyyyy! Nou ik zal een blog voor je schrijven als het zover is :D haha

  3. Oeps.. helemaal vergeten er nog echt een blog over te schrijven.. haha


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