March 29, 2010

3 days no blog

I haven't post anything lately cause I was really busy with my testweek. So... what's up lately... Saturday it was my mommy's birthday. She became 50! So she saw Sarah.. or something haha. Friday my friend Michelle and I baked a pink cheesecake and decorated the whole house and we made a lot of balloons and one snapped in my face.. It really hurt and it was pretty dumb haha. Anyway, Saturday was the big party and my whole family was there. My granny made a lot of Indonesian food and after the party I was really tired. That night summertime arrived. Sunday I didn't do that much. I've watched a soccermatch NEC-Feyenoord but it was really boring. So this week will be boring too. I haven't plan anything and my parents are in Spain. That was my mom's birthdaypresent. Friday it's "Good Friday" so I won't have school. Sunday it's Easter and I'm going to Movie Park Germany with my handball team. It will be so cool! In Barcelona with school my camera died so now I can't photograph anything...

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