March 07, 2010

Ramblas pictures

As you might know the Ramblas is one of the most familiar street of Barcelona (maybe even in the whole world). We went there to grab a lunch and making some pictures with streetartists. This day was very fun but also very sad for me. I gave my beautiful camera to a Chinese tourist and asked if he wanted to make a group picture. He said 'yes' but when the pictures was made, he accidently let fall my camera on the ground... So this are actually the last pictures my camera made.. The lens is broken.. same thing as my previous camera. And the Chinese man... he just walked away.
We were a little bit afraid....
Grupa, two boys in top are Marco and Jordy. The guy with the black cap is Dylan and the boy next to him is Daan. Second line, starting right with the sunglasses is Gyor. Next to him my roomie Shani. Next to her Hidde and Shailesh. The line under are my roomie and bf Amber, Jelle, me (too happy) and my cousin Jermaine.
Another group picture. The streetartist was making scary sounds and stuff.. That's why I look so scared hihi.
Roomies with a sort of Lord of the Rings smeagol.

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