April 21, 2010

Lijstje: Holiday destinations

I really really can't wait till summerholiday. I have some places I really want to go so I decided to make a list of it.
  • North-America (LA and NY) I just really want to go to the States. I wanna know if America is in like the movies.
  • Iceland I want to see sum nature there and Santa's village. Actually I hate snow, but in this cause I'll make an exception.
  • Kenya I love the savanne and I really want to do a jeepsafari to see wild animals. I also want to know how African people are living.

  • China This country is an upcoming country and it became so modern in such a less time. I would like to know how this is in real life and of course... shopping is there like paradise.

  • Russia I think Joegoslavian countries are very interesting. Russia is also the beginner of the communism and I wanna know if you can still see this in their community.
  • England This country is one hour sailing away from the Netherlands but I've never been their. I really want to go to London, just for shopping (I love Topshop and Asos) and for seeing things like The Big Ben.
  • Hawaï I just want to go to a Bounty Island. Just relaxing on this white beaches with palms and cocktails...
  • Marocco I think this country is so interesting to go their. I think Marocco is a very colourful country. I've never been to such an arabic country.
  • Brazil I think this is such a cool country to go when it's Carnaval. I really want to go to some kind of show with floats and stuff. I also want to see the favelas. I've learned about this with geography and now I want to see this in real life.

  • The last country I want to go, is another country in South-America, but then where they speak Spanish.

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