April 03, 2010

No I'm NOT happy at all

Last week I ordered my Blackberry Curve. Yesterday I got a message from Hi that my order was cancelled. So today I called them and they can't help me and said that I have to call them again on Tuesday.... So I freaking wanna burn that Hi down. Anyway, I also got a message from Mediamarkt that my camera cannot be fixed.. So today I went to the shop with my dad, but it was a mistake.. They made my camera and I can come and get it next week or something. Another fact why I'm not happy.. is because of the weather. I mean.. it's April and it's still raining. I want the sun for godsake. But.... I won't complain anymore cause tomorrow I'll go to Moviepark Germany with my handball team so I pray for some nice weather. Give me some sun, please!

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  1. fuck HI. ze zijn echt kut en naaien je altijd. ik zit er ook nog een jaar aan vast #@%$^&


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