May 06, 2010

Welcome to my room

When I was a little girl I always wanted to attend "MTV Cribs". I loved to see the rooms of people and judge it etc. Now we don't have this program in the Netherlands so it wasn't possible for me to sign me up haha. Anyway, now I'm 17 (lovely to say) I'm glad we don't have that program here. But I do wanted to show my room, because you can see someone's personality in their room. So this is my room.
This is the entrance. When you walk in my room it's so light because of all the windows. It smells so nice in my room. My mom cleans it 2 times a week and she puts away my stuff every day haha.

No, I don't have a walk-in-closet like all those "show you room"-things on the internet. I would love to have one but I'm pleased with my own closet. I also am not the type that sort out her shoes. I have this rack where I throw my shoes at. The blue Vans are new by the way.

So this is my photowall. I absolutely love it. It's almost finished as you can see. And I painted the Barack Obama pop-art by myself! I love boygames. In the right you can see my PS2 and vintage Nintendo 64 with Mario Kart. In the other pictures you can see my desk and the last picture my heavenly chair. I always sit there when I'm angry haha and when I want to read my magazines.

So I do not have a walk-in closet, but I have something else that's cool. Cause I have my own bathroom. I never have to wait when my mother is busy with her hair, my father shaving or my brother brushing teeth in their bathroom. And in the last picture you can see my 3 loves. My Blackberry (I'm so addicted), my iPod (I looove music) and my new musicbox (don't know what that is in English haha)

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