July 06, 2010

Chill it, don't spill it

The labels are new items, soccer and food?? That's a weird combination huh.. So the new item is this wacko glasses. It supports the Netherlands tonight. We're in the semifinale against Uruguay. I really hope we're going to win. I'm watching the game at my best friend's. So what's up with the label 'food'? As you can see I hold something in my hand... It's VITA COCO. Coconut water with pineapple. I've read that all the celebrities in America drink this stuff. So my mom went to the Vitamin Store for me and bought one and I have to say... It's jummy jummy in my tummy. The drink helps you not being thirsty and it has a lot of good vitamins. So I think you have to bought this drink!

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