July 11, 2010

From Turkey with love

Hi guys,
this is my 4th day in Turkey and this is the story so far... Actually I haven't done much haha. Most of the time I lay at the pool, swimming, enjoying the sun etc. Night's dinner in Turkish restaurants. The day before yesterday I went golfing with my dad. Luckily there was a lot of wind so it wasn't that hot.
Today there was a Turkish wedding in the village under the mountain but I heard all the noise up here. It would be fun to watch it, but I was in bikini and that doesn't looked appropriate to me.
What also happened today, was that some boy from one of the appartments here, is afraid for water or something? Actually it's pretty sad what happened. The boy was finally so far he dared to be in the water except his upperbody. But then a man came and threw him in the water... and the boy began to scream... It was so sad because he was so afraid and I felt so sorry for the little boy... When he was out of the water he started to cry... Poor little boy.
Anyway, now I gotta set my mind at tonight. FINAL!!!!! My orange outfit is ready.. Now I only have to take a shower and fix my hair and makeup and then I'm ready. Did I tell my prognose? 2-1 (Robben - David Villa - v. Persie) Come on Holland!

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