July 28, 2010

Welcome home

Today I came back from my holiday... I have mixed feelings. I'm glad I can see my friends again, but on the other hand... My mom is still in Turkey and her friend is coming over later this week. This Sunday I'll leave the Netherlands again. I'll go to Spain with my friends for a language study. We're going to Valencia, so much fun! But I do have to miss my mommy for 2.5 weeks! For my Dutch followers.... I will write travelblogs when I'm in Spain. Maybe you'll like it. Then you have to go to www.joelledenise.waarbenjij.nu Then I won't blog from this site, because when I go to this site on my Blackberry it will trip. Anyway, now I'm gonna chill at my place cause I'm a little bit tired from my flight. In my 3.5hours flight a baby was sitting behind me and cried the whole flight!!! Unfortunately she gave me a very bad headache.

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