July 06, 2010


I have a new wishlist. This summer I'll go to Turkey again. Last two years I've bought a waterpipe there for my friends's birthdays, but now I want one for my one. Number 2 of my wishlist is a Canon (or Nikon) "spiegelreflex" camera. I really want one so I can make nicer pictures. After summer I maybe have a little job every saturday for 4 months. I've calculated that when I'm done after 4 months I have some 500 euros. So when I save some money from my pocket-money I'll have enough money (I hope) to buy the cheapest Nikon or Canon. The last item on my wishlist is a new wallet. I want one like a clutch. My previous wallet is kinda dirty and old so I just need a new one. Because of my good grades this schoolyear I can pick out a gift said my parents.. So I guess I'll go for the new wallet, a new bag or the waterpipe.

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