August 28, 2010

Last year of highschool!

Hi guys, so the first week is over from school. I'm now in 6VWO, the highest class/level you can get in in Highschool in the Netherlands (gymnasium). My main subject is art which I think it's very difficult. I'm glad this is my last year and I hope I'll graduate with great marks. So my exams are in May and June. After highschool I hope I'll go to a communication study with journalism.
I guess this year will be hard, but quickly too. When I pass this year I will be a student of University. That sounds so cool. Maybe I'll take a job or something. Dunno yet because I don't like work haha. In my life I have had two jobs. One at the company of my father's friend. I only had to do some administration. The second job I had was at La place, a sort of restaurant which is in kinda every city in the Netherlands. I quit the job after a month. I had to clean and stuff and it was so dirty, afwul and exhausting. The company is so dirty and people eat there a lot. It's because they don't know what happens behind closed doors. I know it now and I never eat there again.
I actually don't have time to work. I'm very busy with school, 2 times a week I have tutoring lessons for geography, maths and history. I suck at that subjects haha. Also I have 3 times a week my sport, handball. Next to that I have my social contacts and I'm very serious with the schoolpaper. I have a part in it for every edition and it's called: The style from.... Then I'll interview someone from school with an edgy, alternative, cool style. This I do together with my fellow blogger Youri. So where is the time for having a job?
Anyway, I was talking about my last year of highschool. I'll hope I'll graduate. I'm gonna miss my friends who I see every single day now. I will also miss the talk with teachers about everything and nothing, and just saying 'hi' to people from lower classes. Anyway, when it's May, we'll talk further 'bout my school haha.

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