September 19, 2010

Brown wedges

Yesterday I went for some shopping to the mall. I've got a lot of stuff from my mom. Later I'll post some pictures. I found my love.... Camel ankle boots with wedge from ZARA... They are sooo beautiful. I didn't buy them because I can't walk at it haha. My feet were hurting when I was just standing. (and watch me burn.... OK that song was in my head when I typed 'just standing' haha) Oh guys, I can't wait till Autumn holiday, only 26 more days...

But as I watch at the ZARA site, I saw this wedge ankle boots with laces.. They are pretty cool too and less high. So maybe I can walk at these shoes! Whoohoo. I love all those brown, camel colours right now in stores. It's so autumn like. And I have a camel bag from MANGO so I can mix it with a lot of clothes. So what do you think 'bout these two shoes? OK, later I'll post some pics!
Love xoxo


  1. I love the second too much !! I follow you

  2. Woww. I love the first shoesss !!
    Bise. ♥

  3. Bedankt :)
    The first one looks beautiful, but kind of dangerous!And the second one... awwwww <3

    and I follow your blog now:)

  4. Hi Joelle!

    Thank you so much for your comment!

    I absolutely love those the first pair.

    BTW, your header is also very cute :)


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