November 28, 2010

556 All I want for Christmas...

You may think I'm early with Christmas presents... and that's true. But I just love Christmas! I'm already listening Christmas songs. So this is my wishlist. I REALLY want to have a Nikon3000, but I already know my parents are so not gonna buy it for me. My mom said she would buy it for me when I graduate... (only 6 more months!!!) I also want the kaki nailpolish from Chanel. I love kaki. Uhmmmm I love reading magazines, so my family can make me happy with lots of magazines. I want to go on vacantion, so that's why there's a flying ticket (Is that a good English word?). But the thing I want the most.... is my BlackBerry to be fixed!! That bitch is broken again. Lots of people are wishing for a white Christmas.. BUT I DON'T WANT THAT EVIL STUFF HERE!! I just want my present haha, just kiddin'.


  1. Haha, I definetly agree with you on not wanting to have a white christmas. Anyway, I hope your wishes will come true ;)


  2. Oh thanks you so much for following my blog, i'm so glad, i love yours too, i'm one of your followers now. And your christmas wishlist is so cool, but I already have a great camera and a blackberry, so me, i want a ps3 for christmas (yeah, i'm totally a geek ! )(and, it's so not a fashion present ! ). xoxo


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