January 17, 2011

562 Polish the nails

After a long time of French Manicure, I decided to change the nail art. So lately I've been busy buying new nailpolishes. I will show you my three latest purchases. Oh, and you can also see my tatt! It's almost two years old.. and I really want another one, but I still don't know what. Brown (2pounds from a cute little store in London), Lagoon (Mavala) and Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans (Catrice)


  1. wow those are awesome shades of blue.

  2. I am totally in love with the Lagoon one!
    Too bad my nails are now too chipped and crooked to be polished.


  3. Nice colorful stuffs.. Really nice..

  4. i like so much all 3 nails colors!

  5. wow i love all of these colors<3

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  6. Bedankt voor je leuke comments =D
    Ik vind de 2e kleur van je nagellakjes mooi, ik hou van zachte kleuren.

    Liefs, Samm

  7. Nice blog! I'm following you now

  8. I really like the navy blue one - it looks lovely :)

  9. I love all these nail colors! How gorgeous. :) I especially adore the light blue in the second to last photo. xo

  10. All three very good!! Want a nail polish from O.P.I for FREE (normally I don't promote my giveaway on other blogs, but since your post is about nail polish I had to let you know!!) check www.thefashionguitar.com ENDS Sunday!

    Lovely blog you have!

    xo thefashionguitar

  11. i love all three of them ! <3

  12. Thanks fr the lovely comment on my blog babe! =D
    I had a Bold 9700. Loved it so much but had to let it go *sigh sigh*

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  13. Die tweede wilde ik ook kopen maar was bang dat ie niet goed zou zijn,
    nu zie ik dat ie echt supermooi is!
    Bedankt ^^


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