February 11, 2011

564 What to do?

Hi guys, long time no blogging. That's because I am very busy with school. I'm in my last year of Highschool so there's a lot of stress and bussiness. After Highschool I think I want to do a journalism study of communication at the university or one level lower (We have several levels in the Netherlands). Actually I first want to take a year off. Doing some work and later (2012) I want to travel. I want to go to Spain to learn the language further. (¡Me gusta España!) After that year I want to do that study which I said above. My dreamjob is working at a lifestyle magazine or a traveling magazine. So what are you studying or are you still in Highschool? And what is your dreamjob? Or do you study the same thing that I want to do? Do you have any tips?

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  1. hee, leuk geschreven.
    Succes met school.
    Xx liefs

    Neem een kijkje op mijn blog en neem de moeite om "het verhaal" te lezen.


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