April 02, 2011

567 First weekend of April

Hi guys, new month, new chances for bloggin' and a fresh layout. Yesterday I had a birthdayparty of a guy from my class. But before that I went to the gym with Anne, a girl from my handball team. We did some shaking the booty: zumba. Zumba's nice, I like the music and I'm trying to sing along with the Spanish lyrics (I love Spanish and I'm learning the language). So yesterday was a good evening.

Today I, early birdy, woke up at 9am. My first plan was to hit the gym, but because of the very good weather in the Netherlands (22 degrees Celcius!), I skipped that plan. I went to the park with my best friend, Michelle. I made a quite hard track, so after half an hour we were already exhausted haha. We didn't quit! We kept running for like an hour. Afterwards we supported my cousin at his soccer match. Unfortunately it didn't helped, cause he lost.

After running, Michelle and I decided to go to the city. I live near Rotterdam, so within 5 minutes I am in "the big city". Because of this lovely weather, all the outside, sunny sitting areas at the cafes were occupied. So we had to sit inside some other restaurant, called Vapiano. After a delicious panini tonno we walked through the market. Market is every Tuesday and Saturday in Rotterdam. So me, the lovely daughter, bought some flowers for my mum.

Now, writing this, I'm kinda tired of this day full of walking. Tonight I have a calm evening. Just watching some soccer with my brother. So, what have you done this Saturday and what are your further plans?

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