April 03, 2011

569 Counting the days

About 59 days I'm going to Bodrum, Turkey with Michelle. I really can't wait. I need sum vitamine D!! We will stay in a hotel in a cute little place, 5 minutes away from the big city. We're leaving one day after my last exams. In this photo collection I will give you an impression of Bodrum.

1. The castle of Bodrum city 2. Sunset/view 3. Bodrum is a marine city. 4. Sea... I can smell it already. 5. Yalikavak, my parents have an appartment here. 6. Im touching the dirty camel. 7. Holiday friends Deniz and Suzan. 8. Yay, Bodrum has a MANGO now :-)

1 comment:

  1. GRRRRR I envy youuuuuuuu....
    I am yet to go to Europe!
    have a nice trip!!!



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