April 09, 2011

571 Loving the weekends

Hi guys, the last few days it has been lovely weather. Yesterday I was like the whole day in my garden enjoying the sun, even though I actually had to learn for some tests. The sun was quite strong, cause my whole right arm was burned. Now it's red and kinda hurting. I also started reading this book, called "Eat, pray and love" (Yes, from the movie). I didn't come further than the first page.. Maybe I'll save this book for other sunny days.

And.. for the rest of this weekend. I just did zumba and yoga. Now I'm off to my friend, Gyor, to learn for our history test. Tonight I have a girlsnight with my handball friends cause our friend Kristina, is back from Gambia.. So hopefully she won't read my blog cause its kinda suprise. For tomorrow I haven't made any plans yet. Maybe to the gym or something. What are your weekend plans?

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