April 20, 2011

574 "Well done!"

Hi everybody,
I wrote in "About" that I'm not only writing about fashion and beauty. I also want to tell some things about my life. Since a couple of days the weather in the Netherlands is so nice. I've heard that yesterday we had the most beautiful and warm day of Europe. Yay. Anyway, today was pretty nice too. Temperature reached above 23 degrees Celcius. And me? I was at the dentist. It was so hot and I was waiting and waiting... (In Holland you have to go to the dentist at least for one time a year. And I planned that day at the warmest day of this year.) Luckily there was nothing wrong with my teeth :-)

The rest of the day I was in my garden, working on my tan haha. And learning a bit. Cause about a month I have my final exams... Exciting!!! And I have to admit: kinda stressful.. Oh and I almost forgot to say that I applied for the Rotterdam University (Hogeschool Rotterdam for the Dutchies). I signed to the communication study. Ultimately I want to work at a magazine. So I hope this study will help me further. And at the end of this day I had to make an English test about grammar and idiom. Mostly I fail in that kinda tests. That's the reason why I'm blogging in English so I can practice it :-) Woops, talking too much about nothing.


Clean and fresh teeth, yay!

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