April 25, 2011

576 Easter weekend

Hi guys,
so this is the Easter weekend of 2011. In Holland we have First Easterday and Second Easterday. Is that in each country the same? Anyway, my weekend started last Saturday. First I hit the gym after 2 weeks of doing nothing sporty, so afterwards I was kinda exhausted. Después I went to the city with Michelle, cause that evening I had a party of Eva, a girl from my handball team. But first I went to the Pasar Malam ASIA at Ahoy. That is a pasar (Indonesian for market) for Indo people in the Netherlands. I've bought some pastries there. Afterwards we went to the city. It was so hot in Holland, like 25 degrees Celcius and we were in the city.. Walking and walking, and I am a terrible shopping partner, because I cannot choose between items. I can be like half an hour in a bookstore picking out magazines I want to read. But Michelle knows me well, so she knew where she put herself into! haha. I had to buy presents for Eva (and her friends, because it was the birthdaybash of her, Lauren and Lynn). I bought the presents with some friends of handball. I love shopping, so I was responsible for buying a lot of presents.

That night was the birthdaybash in LaVanes, a fancy bar at the Meent, Rotterdam. It was a good party. I was there with my handball friends.
Natascha, me, Bas, Yvette, Kristina and Jaimy

And yesterday it was first Easter day. I did nothing special, just an Easter breakfast and in the afternoon gourmett. Between that I was in the sun, working on my tan again. Today it's second Easter day and again, I'm not doing anything special. Just planning some things for my birthday (about 1.5 week!!) What do you think about my new layout btw? Have a happy Easter!


Song of the day: Kanye West - All of the lights


  1. heyyy happy easter babe!! xx

    I'm in New Zealand now :)))))

  2. awww thank u babe. linking u too x)
    r u on twitter?

  3. Ziet er naar uit dat je het erg naar je zin hebt gehad =)


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