June 29, 2011

589 what's in the bag?


I am already kinda packing my stuff for Indonesia, because I have to work today and tomorrow. These are the things that are in my bag. 1. The bag itself. I purchased this bag especially for this trip. It's a River Island men bag. 2. That's my flight pillow. It's a 17-hours flight so I wanna sit comfy. 3. My magazines. Imma quick reader so for this flight I needed a lot of them. I already told my mum that I'm gonna drop some of them in her bag. 4. My toothbrush! I HAVE to brush my teeth. 17 hours without cleaning them is way too long. 5. My iPod and BlackBerry. I always need music. Michelle, my best friend, gave me some new albums so now I'm enjoying Marques Houston, Pleasure P, Tank etc etc. I'm kinda addicted to my BlackBerry, so I hope there will be WIFI at Abu Dhabi. 6. Playing cards and Sudoko. I love Sudoko. I'm kinda nerdy, I love the hardest levels and I always want to play Sudoko against someone else (I wanna be the first that finishes the sudoko). So this is kinda everything that I will take to the airplane. Oh, I forgot my wallet and passport haha.


  1. Je tas vind ik echt stoer! :D

  2. You've got a lot of stuff in your bag. And geez, your toothbrush is so cute and girly! I want to buy a pink toothbrush for myself, but my boyfriend wants us to have matching toothbrushes. So for now, I'll have to stick with our purple toothbrush! =D


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