January 27, 2012

607 Sushi's with my dushi's

Hi sweeties,

yesterday I hang out with my friends. First we went to the Oriental Market nearby the Euromast in Rotterdam. They have a lot of Asian foodies and ingredients. We decided to make sushi so we bought our ingredients there. I never made sushi and I only ate it once. Luckily Amber, Jitske and Romy are better cooks than me. They told me how to make it. Still not a pro, but it was real fun to do! Afterwards we watched a movie, called Bridesmaids. That was really hilarious. Then I left and the girls watched White Noise.. I'm glad I was home when they watched it! It was a nice and cosy evening. Now I have my relaxation weekend. I'm done with my exams so I can do whatever I want. But not tonight, first making money!

Have a lovely weekend.

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