January 31, 2012

608 No more chocolate February

Hi sweeties,

last blog of January! This new year is moving so fast already. And I haven't even done many interesting things. I'm thinking now what I have done and I cant even name three things. That's real bad haha. Last weekend was fun, though. I went to this party called Crazy Sexy Cool in my hometown. Party was nice, loved the music. Anyway, you may have been thinking about this blog title. NO MORE CHOCOLOTE? Yes, this month I am challenging myself. I will not have any form of chocolate this month. I am kinda addicted. I know, every girl LOVES chocolate. But I love it too much. Candybars, hot chocolate milk, hagelslag, icecream... So, next month I will not have any of it, while writing this I am eating my last chocolate chip cookie and drank my last hot choco. This will be hard, because Winter is coming now in the Netherlands. Today it was like the coldest day I can even remember. And it is snowing!!

Luckily February is the shortest month. Wish me luck.

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