April 29, 2012

614 | instagram

Hi sweeties,

yeah! Finally, I have my iPhone. And ofcourse, I had to download the Instagram app. You know a Dutch man worked there for only two weeks and then the founders of Instagram sold the app to Facebook? That Dutch man is now a millionaire. i wanna be a billionaire, so fucking bad. Buying all the things I never had. Anyway, this month I did a couple of things I didn't blog about. So I'm gonna show some things I did in instagram style. This month was Easter, so I had a little bruch with my fam. I also had my test week again.. This time I failed for the first time in my University carreer. So I have two resits :-( Last photo is an extra subject I do in university. Since a year I have been using my Nikon, but only like automatic and now I can learn how to use it with ISO and bla bla etc.



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