Hi, I am Joëlle, 18 years old, from Rotterdam in the Netherlands. A little country in West Europe where it rains all the time. I started this little blog some years ago. I'm a very bad blogger, because I am sometimes (most of the time) too lazy to update my stuff. BUT, it's 2012 now. I will change that (I hear you thinking "Yeaaah right"). Anyways, I made the blog because I love to write and I want to show the world my life and pretty much everything what's in it: friends, love, school, fashion, drama, fun, parties and so much more.  

I'm a student. Currently studying Communication at the Rotterdam University. It's a 3-year during study, because I did VWO (for the Dutchies) before this study. My dream job is working at a lifestyle, stars or traveling magazine. This study will help me reaching this goal, because I have to fix two internships and this could be at a magazine. 

I have a lot of interests. Shopping is a big hobby of mine. Rotterdam city has a lot of stores which I am VERY interested in. Too bad that I don't have the money of the world so I cannot afford shopping any time I want to. I also like sports, music, animals, fashion, photography, culture, history, festivals, holidays... To do everything I like I need money, so I have a job. I work at SACHA shoes. Lots of nice colleagues. I work here in the weekends. Three times a week I practice handball. I'm in a team at Roda '71 in Rotterdam. The team is very nice. We lose a lot of games, but we are having big fun at practices. Next to practices and matches we do a lot of fun stuff too, like clubbing and do trips. I also do zumba and fitness. But most of the time I don't feel like going. I really have to go more often...

My biggest interest is traveling and holidays. I just love it! (But who doesn't...) I have some countries on my list that I really want to visit. But first, I have to buy me a money tree. It's so expensive. The first country that is on my list are the United States of America, but also a countries in South America, like Ecuador and Brazil. I also like doing citytrips. I've already been to London, Barcelona and some other cities, but on my wishlist are Istanbul and Berlin.

I hope you will like my blog. Please contact me if you have some questions or comments. Therefor you can click at the "Contact" tab.